Here is the answer to some questions that arise for users or future users of Tontine.Plus.

How to access the application?
Tontine.Plus can be accessed from a web browser at https://www.tontine.plus . The web platform is supported by a mobile application that can be downloaded from the appstore and from Google Play. The mobile application is dedicated to members and offers few administrative functions.
Who can create an association on Tontine.Plus?

Any user with an account on Tontine.Plus can create an association. Creating a user account is free and takes less than 2 minutes.

Can we manage an association with Tontine.Plus, even if not all members have a user account on the platform?

Yes. Tontine.Plus separates the notion of member and user. Adding and managing members does not require user validation. An administrator can link a user to a member account at any time by sending him an invitation to join the association on Tontine.Plus.

Is Tontine.Plus available offline?

No. Use of Tontine.Plus requires an internet connection.

How is Tontine.Plus secure?

Tontine.Plus communications are fully encrypted and the application complies with good security practices. Access to data is restricted to members of the association. Association administrators have the tools to manage security within their association.

How are permissions managed in Tontine.Plus?

The management of rights in Tontine.Plus is done through roles. There are 4 roles in Tontine.More :

  • Administrator: The super user. Has access to all the platform's features.
  • Financial: Manages the finances of the association. Has access to all financial functions.
  • Controller: Audits the accounts. Has access in consultation only to all financial data.
  • Moderator: If enabled in the association's configuration, Approves content posted by members before it is made public.
  • Member: Has no administrative role.

Tontine.Plus is changing the traditional way of holding meetings?

No. Tontine.Plus adapts to the functioning of your association. The platform provides the tools to facilitate the management of the association. It also offers associations the best practices to which they may or may not adhere.

What activities does Tontine.Plus manage?
Tontine.Plus allows you to manage any type of activity: The tontine, credit savings, solidarity, the raised hand (fundraising), projects, events, insurance, etc.
Should an association wait for the start of the cycle to embark on Tontine.Plus?

No. An association can embark on Tontine.Plus at any time of the cycle. Tontine.Plus offers tools to import the current state of association finances.

Can we add members to an activity that has started?

Yes. New members can be added at any time. Likewise, a member can also leave the association at any time. However, the accounts of a member who leaves the association are not deleted on Tontine.Plus for data integrity purposes.

A user who is a member of several associations on TontinePlus must he have several accounts?

No. A user just needs one account to access all the associations of which he is a member.

In which countries is Tontine.Plus available?

Tontine.Plus is available worldwide. All you need is an Internet connection and a phone number to access the platform.

Is it possible to make contributions directly to Tontine.Plus?

The e-wallet functionality is currently being implemented and will make financial transactions possible directly on Tontine.Plus.

How can I get help setting up my association?

The Tontine.Plus team is available to assist you in setting up your association. Just make an appointment here.

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