Tontine.Plus what is it?

Tontine.Plus is a self-managed online platform that helps you better manage your tontines and associations.

This platform automates financial calculations, promotes member participation in the management of the association and gives them real-time access to information concerning them.

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Why Tontine.Plus?

The tontine is a wonderful institution inherited from our parents which aims to contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of the communities who practice it. In the age of social networks and mobile phones, this notable institution has not adapted to the times.

At the time when we decided to develop Totnine.Plus, there was no comprehensive, simple and affordable tontine association management tool on the market. We have decided to change the situation.

Tontine.Plus provides an answer to the challenges mentioned opposite

Financial transparency

Keep track of financial transactions.

Accuracy of calculations

Reduce the risk of errors by automating calculations.

Data sustainability

Save current and historical data.

Access to information

Make information available and accessible.

Mobile version

Download for mobile

In addition to the web interface accessible from a browser, Tontine.Plus has a mobile application that allows members to stay connected to the association at all times. Although it has some administrative features, the mobile application is optimized for member use. It is available on the Google Play store and on the App store.

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